What is FDNB?


How do you play?

There will be a gift card hidden somewhere in Bryan’s yard (106 Riverwood Dr). You have between the hours of 2pm and 5pm on Sunday, July 19 to come and try and find it! 


1. You must ring the door bell before you begin to look.

2. You can look for the gift card from the time you ring the door bell until you are busted and shot with a nerf gun by Zach, Bryan, Jennifer and/or Caleb/Henry.

3. If you get hit, we will tell you that you are out. No whining, complaining or arguing. 

4. If you do get hit, you can leave for 30 minutes and come back to repeat the searching process. You do have to leave and come back though, no sitting in your car waiting (we need the street side parking for people that haven’t been killed by nerf darts)

3. There is no limit on how many people can search at one time, groups and families are welcome, but your entire group must be on the porch when you ring the door bell. Returning nerf fire is encouraged, but if you break a window … you’re paying for it!!!!

5. This ain’t no game!!! The Barrineau Family + Zach are playing for keeps